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Colorado State University | Arts Ticketing

Colorado State University | Arts Ticketing

2022 Fall Dance Capstone Concert

Dance Events
University Dance Theatre, UCA
Saturday, Dec 10, 2022 at 2:00 PM (MT)

Velocity explores fragments of the human experience across time and place. Themes of autonomy, otherness, perseverance, and change are reflected through dynamic choreography. Madelyn Caviness, Grace Cooper, Kailee Davis, Thomas Grassia, and Sierra La Rue encapsulate distinct perspectives on our racing world. We invite you to join us in celebrating the work and dedication of these graduating seniors.

Featured Choreographers

Madelyn Caviness

Madelyn Caviness’ work explores the process of finding an internal safe place for processing, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. It highlights the chaos of life, and the contrasting experience of finding moments of peace among uncertainty.

Grace Cooper

Taking excerpts from Sophie Treadwell’s 1928 play Machinal, Grace Cooper’s choreography draws this historical play and its themes into the present, ultimately asking: what does it mean to be a woman in a mechanized world? Probing questions about autonomy, identity, and legacy resound in her work depicting a distorted and dystopian world that we recognize as our own.

Kailee Davis

Kailee Davis’ piece explores the concept of Othering. It dives into existential questions often asked: Who Others? How does it feel to be Othered – to be seen as different in a fundamental or meaningless way? What happens when we Other ourselves? Davis, in collaboration with the dancers, explores this concept through highly athletic movement with the goal of leaving the audience questioning.

Thomas Grassia

Thomas Grassia’s piece explores how we chase our dreams. How do we comfort ourselves and stay motivated? What holds us back? His solo contemplates how dance can be distilled to present partial views of choreography through silhouettes and shapes, as we present a partial image of ourselves to those around us.

Sierra La Rue
This work represents the dreams and challenges of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Sierra La Rue’s piece, in four sections, encapsulates her current experiences, as well as the life she aspires to achieve. Her choreography reveals the vulnerability and tenacity of performing artists.

Concert programs are available in a virtual format only and may be viewed via a QR code at the performance when available.

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Event Location
1400 Remington Street Fort Collins, CO 80523

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